Who We Are


Cooper & Cooper is a premier residential real estate brokerage firm based in Manhattan, run by two ivy-league educated, ex-Wall Street investment bankers. We transact apartment rentals and sales on behalf of tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers alike. Our team is a talented, well-educated and dedicated group of real estate professionals, with a proven track record and an outstanding reputation. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of professionalism and client service. The foundation for our success stems from our comprehensive training, dedicated support and unique market position.


  • > A Sterling Industry Reputation
  • > Honesty, Integrity & Professional Excellence
  • > A Supportive, Nurturing Team / Family
  • > Rigorous Rental & Sales Training
  • > Unparalleled Mentorship Program
  • > Superior Technology & Software
  • > Exceptional Proprietary Listings Database
  • > Entrepreneurial Environment
  • > Potential for Growth & Career Advancement
  • > Fun Company Events (Work Hard / Play Hard)


1. Say (And Think) "YES"
Positivity is infectious.
2. Open & Honest Communication
An atmosphere of transparency and trust is essential.
3. Get Uncomfortable
Anything great or worth achieving involves some element of risk and uncertainty.
4. ABL: Always Be Learning
A thirst for knowledge and new ideas drives us.
5. Share The Wealth & Promote Team Unity
None of us is as smart as all of us.
6. Make Your Own Luck
What most people perceive as luck is anything but.
7. Want The Ball
Using our best judgment, we gather the facts, formulate a plan, and execute the clutch play.
8. I Am Responsible. I Am Accountable.
The difference between "good" and great performance is your ability to recognize how you influence the outcome.
9. Be Responsive, Attentive, And The Calm
Our business is built on providing outstanding Customer Service.
10. Our Reputation
There is nothing so important as our good name.